There are many ways to get connected here at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church.

Connections Class

The first and best way is to participate is our Connections Class. This class is for anyone interested in learning more about Cornerstone or anyone interested in joining Cornerstone. Connections Classes are held every third Sunday of the month from 2:00 – 4:00 pm. The class meets in room 5 in the education wing. If you would like to participate in this class please contact Sherri in the church office, 919-303-9200.

Shepherd Groups

Another way to connect with Cornerstone is through the Shepherd Group ministry of the church. Cornerstone is divided up into eight geographical areas that we call Shepherd Groups (SG). Cornerstone’s Deacons lead this important ministry. Each deacon is given charge of one shepherd group. Each deacon plans group gatherings with the goal for each SG to have two or three socials a year.

Shepherd Groups not only provide for social networking, but they also provide a more intimate and effective way to provide for pastoral care. If someone is going through a crisis of health or the loss of a loved one, the Deacon leading that particular SG is asked to frequently check on the individual and see if there are any needs, in particular, needs for meals. If meals are needed, then the Deacon will contact the rest of the SG asking for volunteers to help provide the meals. You may contact Sherri in the church office to find out which Shepherd Group you are in and who your Deacon is.


Each Fall Cornerstone offers our EXPO, a Sunday when many of the ministries put up exhibits and have members there to answer questions about their ministry. They provide opportunities to sign up and participate in the various ministries of Cornerstone.

Contact the Pastor

You may also contact our Pastor, Dr. Fred Thrower, and he can help you get connected. The church number is 919-303-9200.