In order to better build community and care for a growing congregation, CSPC is divided up into eight geographical areas that we call shepherd groups. It can be easy for an individual to get lost in a growing church like CSPC. Individuals will come to a church because of the preaching or an invitation, but they stay at a church because of the community. Shepherd Groups are a primary tool for building community.

Each Cornerstone deacon is given charge of one shepherd group. The goal is for each SG to have two or three socials a year, typically spring, fall, and winter. Two or three SG’s can combine to have one social. This creates an opportunity for more people to be at the social/gathering.

Hosting a SG social at your home or someone’s home in your SG is important. Meeting in a home is much more inviting than meeting at church and having to use folding chairs. A home creates a relaxed atmosphere that cannot be duplicated at church. SG’s can meet at parks, like Fred Bond Park. SG’s can meet at restaurants like The Loop, Red Robin or some place where a group can sit together. If you are interested in hosting a SG social at your home, please contact your deacon.

SG not only provide for building community, but they also provide a more intimate and effective way to provide for pastoral care. If someone is going through a crisis of health or the loss of a loved one, the Deacon leading that particular SG is asked to frequently check on the individual and see if there are any needs, in particular, needs for meals. If meals are needed, then the Deacon will contact the rest of the SG asking for volunteers to help provide the meals.