Summer Mission Trip: New Orleans Restoration.

When: July 16-22 (Sunday-Saturday).

The approximant cost will be around $300 per person.
(We will be doing some fundraising and scholarships will be available.)

Registration and Deposit Deadline: $100 due March 1.

To register for our summer mission Trip, you will need to:
1) Fill out the online registration

2) Pay the $100 non refundable deposit

3) Fill out the YCM Release Form

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   Packing List  |  YCM Release Form

Final Payment Deadline: June 1.

About YCM: Restoration

Restoration is a 6-day experience that guides you through the rhythm of life in God’s new creation. Think of it as a hybrid between a mission trip, a family reunion, and an amazing retreat. Each day at Restoration is split into thirds, leading you to:

BE – take time to be with God (through Scripture, prayer, stillness)

DO – take time to serve with Jesus in this broken world

CELEBRATE – take time to enjoy life with others through God’s Spirit

Let’s be blunt – we want to drop you into a local community (this summer: New Orleans) where you can learn to follow Jesus so you can do the same thing back home. It’s all there – united to God, connected to each other, serving together. The point? God is on a mission to restore all things – from individual lives, to families, to churches, to communities. It’s time to catch the rhythm and learn to play your part!

The ministry consists of helping students better understand who they are in Christ and what Christ calls them to be in the world. It is also designed to help them understand that being in Christ will lead them to be active in doing and being involved with others, especially the poor, oppressed, and overlooked. With these goals in mind, Restoration goes into a local community and establishes relationships with ministries and individuals.
For more information visit the YCM website: